Creative Experiences lab, led by Dr. Sowmya Somanath, is focused on studying and designing systems that empower people to make using technology. Here we use the term 'make' broadly and it refers to the creation of physical and digital artifacts using a variety of hardware and software tools. Our research falls within the area of Human-Computer Interaction.

With the availability of old and new technologies for making such as programming platforms, programmable electronics, digital fabrication machines and new materials, we now have research opportunities to create novel experiences that can help diverse audiences to become producers of artifacts and knowledge. The artifacts people create serve personal and societal needs as well as become probes that provoke thinking related to topics such as sustainable practices, design aesthetics, inclusion, and lifelong learning.

Motivated by these potential benefits, we ask questions such as:

We explore these questions within different application scenarios and domains. Currently, our research projects are focused on the following themes: In addition to the above, we also collaborate on projects in other HCI research topics including:

You can learn more about our work via our publications page. Creative Experiences Lab is part of the composite research group, Victoria Interactive Experiences with Information (VIXI) Lab. We are part of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria. I encourage you to peruse the research websites of Dr. Charles Perin and Dr. Miguel Nacenta to learn about other topics explored in VIXI.