The very high-level research theme that we explore relates to studying and developing tools to support people's interactions with physical things. More specifically, we explore: (a) how people create physical things using technologies and develop tools to support such activities, and (b) how people communicate with, utilize, and experience physical things. The physical 'thing' in our research varies based on the project and thus far has included fabricated objects, autonomous vehicles, wearable technologies and electronics toolkits. Below are some projects grouped by research focus.

Studies about & Technologies for Making with Technology
Picture of a 3D printed stanford bunny
Picture of Documented prototype
Picture of MakeAware prototype
Picture of DiaFit prototype
Picture of a study site in India
Pictoria of Polymorphic Cube prototype
Picture of a conversational 3D printer
Picture of some electronics
Picture of the LightHouse makerspace
Picture of a circuit built using potatoes
Picture of a computational thinking framework
Interactions with Wearable Technologies
Picture for DiaFit
Picture of a wearable robotic arm system
Picture of study on wearable robotic arms
Picture of acting with wearable robotic arms
Interactions with Autonomous Vehicles
Picture of AV-cylist simulator
Picture of a interfaces for communicating with AVs
Picture of mixed traffic AV simulator
Picture of design study on how users of wheelchairs might interact with AVs
Picture showing the use of human defensive behaviours for interacting with AVs
Picture of rogue AV simulator
Tangible & Physical Interactions
Picture of ReservoirBench prototype
Picture of information visualization on a tabletop
Picture of cross-sensory globe prototype
Picture showing sketching prototype oil wells using 3Doodler
Picture of t-test prototype
Picture of a tabletop robot
Picture of information visualization on a tabletop
Picture of animal-robot interaction
Other Cool Projects!
Picture of Homecoming prototype
Picture of MRsive prototype